Global Partner


The 41st Annual EFA Meeting has been largely sponsored by our sole global partner, UBS.

About UBS

UBS draws on its 150-year heritage to serve private, institutional and corporate clients worldwide, as well as retail clients in Switzerland. Its business strategy is centered on its pre-eminent global wealth management businesses and its leading universal bank in Switzerland, complemented by its Asset Management business and its Investment Bank, with a focus on capital efficiency and businesses that offer a superior structural growth and profitability outlook. Headquartered in Zurich and Basel, Switzerland, UBS has offices in more than 50 countries, including all major financial centers, and approximately 60,000 employees.


UBS as a Global Partner for EFA 2014

UBS is the exclusive global partner to the EFA 2014 Annual Meeting and is sponsoring the UBS Gala Dinner on the evening of Friday, August 29, 2014 at Hotel Eden. UBS will also be holding a special UBS Panel Session during the conference regarding the Role of Finance in Society. For more information about each of these events, please visit the individual event pages.

Wrap-up publication of the EFA 2014 Annual Meeting