Supplying Partners


EFA 2014 is happy to be working with the following supplying partners in order to bring you a vareity of products and services throughout the event.


We create event apps in the Confrenz system to bring together all participants and make it all easier for the organizers. We do so because we’re event goers ourselves, so we see much room for improvement and additional benefits traditional organization can’t give. Since Confrenz’s launch, we have been developing the project to make it an official tool at various festivals, conferences and corporate events.



EVENTMORE is an innovative general constructor, able to supply a wide range of services for congress, able to rent and install audiovisual equipment for live events and able to set up any kind of stage and marquee.


Villa Castagnola

Set on the shores of Lake Lugano, this magnificent 5-star resort is a property of immense charm, nestled within a private, subtropical park. Once the home of a noble Russian family, the impressive mansion was transformed into a hotel in 1885. The Grand Hotel Villa Castagnola au Lac is admired for its tranquil atmosphere, elegance and discreet and friendly service. An enchanting oasis, away from the stresses of modern life, and an ideal environment for pleasure, at any time of year.

Oxymount AG

For us water is more than just a transparent, odourless liquid. This is why we have set ourselves the goal of supplying the best drinking water there is. Pure, fresh Swiss mains water, filtered through our water dispensers, cooled, and oxygenated or carbonated. We are also proud to be the only supplier to offer water in all its varieties – still, oxygenated (with O₂) or carbonated (with CO₂) – so you can cater for the individual needs and desires of your company’s employees.

Wrap-up publication of the EFA 2014 Annual Meeting